Dave L.- electrician, 
I had back pain so bad it was almost
impossible to do my job and I could not walk 50 feet without kneeling down to
relieve the pain.  My local M.D. recommended "immediate" back surgery.  I
decided to try this instead. I'm now back to doing all my activities I was able
to do in the past without any pain.  If you're looking for professionalism,
honesty, and great care, this is the place.

Pat G. - Dr. Mortensen is an excellent chiropractor.  He is knowledgeable, helpful, and kind.  He truly cares about his patients.
Peter R.
I came to see Dr. Mortensen because I had lower back pain.  I got relief of my
back pain, increased mobility, ease of movement and flexibility.

Joyce W. - I first came to Lake Mead Chiropractic for pain in my low back and neck areas.  It was difficult to do my normal everyday housework, walk, lift, etc.  The pain was constant. Now I am able to walk short distances and clean house.  I'm more productive at home and have more energy.  I don't rely on Tylenol Arthritis for pain relief. 

Vern C. - 
My friend referred me to Lake Mead Chiropractic after I explained my problem to him.  My neurologist had sent me to physical therapy and after 6 weeks, it gave me little relief of pain. I can honestly say that after 8 sessions at Lake Mead Chiropractic, my pain is gone... without an operation. And now I can play my favorite game, billiards, to the ultimate.

Steve H. -
I came to see Dr. Matt because I was having low pack pain that made it uncomfortable to move around a lot.  For my job, I  do a lot of standing and sitting.  After long periods of either, I was fatigued and at times totally exhausted.  I like to work out at the gym and the low back pain prevented me from doing it. Aleve was my friend and other times, I used a back brace.  After seeing Dr. Matt, I have eliminated pain medications from my life and now I haven't used the brace in over 6 months. I now am working out with a trainer who has noticed my increase in flexibility and ability to exercise.  I can perform my job with virtually little or no pain.  I feel great.  I have more energy to live. I recommend Dr. Matt to everyone I meet.  He's great.
Pat G.
- Dr. Mortensen is an excellent chiropractor.  He is knowledgeable, helpful, and kind.  He truly cares about his patients.




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